What We Do

We invite youth in New York to foster dogs from local rescues and shelters, while providing them with all the resources they need to do so successfully.  


Our Services


  • In partnership with rescues and shelters, we provide the youth with supplies, including food, toys, crates, collars and leashes, and cover all veterinary costs.  

  • We teach our youth about animal welfare, how to train their dogs using force-free methods supported by behavioral science, how to understand canine body language, ways to “market” their dogs to increase their likelihood of adoption, and more.  


  • We pair youth with adult mentors who can form a long-term relationship with them, and provide additional personalized support each step of the way.  


  • For each foster dog that a youth successfully adopts out, they receive a cash award in a scholarship fund that can be applied to any educational purpose.

Through this program, we are able to:


  • Give youth access to the numerous benefits of caring for a dog: Living with and caring for dogs has been linked to various social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits for children.  These include, but are not limited to teaching responsibility, patience and compassion, increased self-esteem, decreased stress levels, improved learning, improved social skills, higher empathy, and increased physical activity.  Visit our Resources page for more information.


  • Help youth build confidence and resilience by providing them with an opportunity to directly help homeless dogs in need and, through their training and adoption efforts, give them a series of definitive milestones that they can take pride in achieving.


  • Give youth access to mentors: Positive mentoring relationships have a proven positive effect on teens.  One study found that for all teens, having an adult mentor resulted in a 50% greater likelihood of attending college, and mentorship was even more pivotal to disadvantaged teens.  Yet, the study found, disadvantaged teens who could benefit the most from mentors are the least likely to have them. Visit our Resources page for more information. Our pups provide an easy common ground over which youth and mentors can begin to form a positive relationship that we expect to extend to many other aspects of their lives.  


  • Help even the playing field in access to educational opportunities by providing youth with financial resources for college and other higher education, SAT preparation classes, college counseling, extra-curricular activities, tutoring, books and supplies, and more.  We aim to not only help ease some of the financial burden of higher education, but also to make academic success feel more attainable through an immediate increase in available resources.


  • Provide early education on animal welfare to help youth understand first-hand from an early age the importance of issues surrounding animal rights and welfare.


  • Make more foster homes available to help save more dogs: Rescues and shelters are often limited in the amazing work they do by the space they have available to them.  In addition, many existing fosters have pets of their own and cannot foster dogs that are not dog-friendly. By supporting new foster homes, we can help rescues and shelters save more dogs and provide homes for otherwise hard-to-place dogs.


  • Make dogs more adoptable by placing them in a home environment and providing them with training and socialization.  

  • Decrease the likelihood that dogs will be returned, abandoned, or euthanized: It’s estimated that fewer than five percent of dog owners attend a training class with their dog.  Yet behavioral issues are the most frequently cited reasons for why people relinquish their dogs. Of the over 3 million dogs who enter animal shelters each year, it is reported that over half are euthanized.  By ensuring our dogs receive consistent training and socialization before adoption, we aim to decrease the likelihood that behavior issues will arise later, and thus decrease the incidence of relinquishment.