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Meet Our Students


I am 14 years old and starting high school. I love animals and have taken care of multiple animals in the past.  When I graduate from college I want to stay very involved with animals, and I eventually want to study to be a veterinarian.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, badminton, baseball, and tennis.  Someday I want to try skydiving and scuba diving.

I fostered JewelPatches, Serena, Ollie​, Farley​, Jasper​, Sugar​, Elliot, Hershey, Stefano, Evan, EmberKodiak, Kegan, Maisy, and Pepper

Kelly Quito Quinde.jpg

Hi, my name is Kelly.  I’m 18 years old.  I have a beautiful Shih Tzu and because of her I would love to help other dogs as much as I can. I have also taken in stray cats and made sure every cat I see has food. 


I will be attending LaGuardia Community College for a year to get my Associate's Degree.  I would like to study either social work or psychology. 

During my free time I love to spend my time with my dog.  She is the greatest thing in my life. 

I fostered Everitt and Brant.


People describe me as helpful, caring, patient, and respectful.  I enjoy being active and being a positive thinker. I like cooking, volunteering, teaching, nursing, volleyball, traveling and music.  I am really excited about doing any activities that involve being socially active and an explorer.

I will be attending CUNY College of Staten Island.  I want to study social work as my major and explore new extra-curricular activities like sports, pottery, and the arts. 


When I graduate from college, I want to travel the world as a social worker and help improve the lives of people everywhere who are suffering due to lack of education. I also want to have a small business of my own. In addition, I want to be directly involved with animal rescue in the near future.  

I fostered JewelPatches, Serena, Ollie​, Farley​, Jasper​, Sugar​, Elliot, Hershey, Stefano, Evan, Ember, Kodiak, Kegan, Maisy, and Pepper.  

Lisbeth Bermejo.jpg

Hello, my name is Lisbeth. I am a 17 year old who loves animals! I am a senior in high school. I have fostered stray kittens many times.  I have a beautiful cat named Sophia Rose, who is very playful and friendly.


I am a very kind, humble, patient, loving, helpful person. I love reading, writing, traveling, fashion, and spending time with my loving Sophia.  I love home decor a lot as well!


For college, I want to attend Temple University in Pennsylvania! I want to study something in the medical field.  One of my dreams jobs is to be a fashion designer because I love clothes and fashion!  I would also love to be a surgeon or nurse! 

I fostered Shania.

Emily Alatorre.jpg
I am currently majoring in Health Services Administration at Lehman College.  When I graduate, I hope to continue my education and get my Master's Degree.  My dream job is to manage a healthcare facility and help improve the overall healthcare system for those who might not speak English.
When I have free time, I like to paint and try new things.  Over the summer I participated in a group that helped plant trees, picked up trash, and painted old benches at a park.

My family and I are so excited to be able to foster a rescue dog and we really cannot wait to have one in our home!

I fostered Reagan.

Meet Our Alumni


I am Mexican American, born and raised in Queens, New York. I will be attending New York City College of Technology.


Some of my hobbies include playing various sports, discovering new places, and listening to and discovering music. I want to study sports management, leading to a career in sports marketing or becoming a sports agent. After I graduate from college I also want to travel the world and learn new things. 

I fostered JazzyIanSavannah, AxelBickley, Apollo, Louie, Faith​, and Sky.


Both my parents are Chinese, but I was born and raised in New York. I spend my free time doing a variety of things. Sometimes after school, I am on the field practicing softball or playing a game with my varsity high school team. I also enjoy going to the gym and playing basketball. Beyond athletics, my hobbies also include more creative activities. Bullet journaling is a new hobby I recently started to help better organize my life and to jot down random notes. For relaxation, I often paint and draw. 

I will be attending Yale University, where I’m thinking of majoring in Humanities. Throughout high school, I’ve always been fascinated by the study of history—it enables me to learn about events and people in a multitude of contexts that I was previously unaware of. I’m also interested in Education Studies because of my desire to better understand the significance of education and how the system functions. I hope to use that understanding to help break existing education barriers.


Once I graduate from college, I plan to attend law school. My dream job is to become a lawyer. Although I’m not sure which type of lawyer I want to be, I still want to spend time working with young, underrepresented minorities. If I don’t end up practicing law, I may pursue a job where I can advocate for better education systems.

I fostered Jasmine.


I am American born Chinese.  Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, other sports and video games.  I love exploring and comprehending new ideas.  Understanding new subjects is a passion of mine that I intend to keep as life moves forward.


In the future I want to study engineering or business at New York University. After college, I might want to open a business and become an entrepreneur. 

I fostered Jasmine.


When I travel, I like to take pictures on my phone, print them out, and then put together a collection of what I did while traveling. 


I want to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I want to study psychology, business and journalism.  When I graduate from college, I want to be a journalist and have an online business.  I also want to live in another country at some point in the future.  

I fostered Jagger.

Jimena Lopez.jpg

My name is Jimena.  I’m 18 years old and Peruvian.  I am a senior in high school.  I was born and raised in Queens. 

I would like to go to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where I want to study criminology or computer programming.  My dream is to become a detective or work in cyber security.

In my free time I enjoy baking.

I fostered Cameron.

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